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"I was fortunate enough to be a beta tester for the app. As I was testing it, I kept thinking to myself, WOW - people are going to LOVE this!"
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The Story

Mike Doehla was already successful when we began discovery work for the Stronger U app. He had dozens of coaches and hundreds of members under his guidance. Still he’d been doing it the hard way. Coaches were talking to their members through emails, texts, possibly carrier pigeon. The team was tracking data through spreadsheets. But it worked, a testament to what Doehla had made. My challenge as designer was to define, refine and express what he had as a fully-realized web app. So we did that. It worked.

The app, when completed, served both coaches and members of Stronger U. The app revolutionized how the entire company worked. It turned them into a tech company. And a year after launch, Stronger U was aquired by Self Esteem Brands—the parent company of Anytime Fitness, The Bar Method, Basecamp Fitness and Waxing the City.

(Special thanks to the Volum8 team for support in all phases and, as always, a spectacular build. Hat tip to Charlie Graham for bringing the Force to Orlando.)

What was done

I was in the Stronger U app project from Jump Street. In discovery, I spent days interviewing Doehla and his team, as well as conducting extensive user reviews and interviews with past, current, and potential customers. Wireframes and final designs came fast. I designed to both mobile and desktop, essentially building two apps, one for coaches, and one for members.

I also designed a 10+ page marketing site, directed photo and video shoots, and put together a 100+ page recipe book. Myself and a couple guys from Volum8 even got to spend a few nights in Orlando for the annual Stronger U team convention.

I did not count my macros.