"Most fat loss content is bullshit. It's not designed to help you make progress but to scare and confuse you into buying dumb diet plans and supplements."
Some truth from Aadam Ali

The Story

It’s literally impossible not to like this guy Aadam Ali. First off, he’s handsome as hell. Then he’s got this British accent thing going, which he uses to dispel truths using the finest profanity. And to top it all off, he’s like the nicest dude you’ve ever met. Oh, and he helps people get fit and healthy. Basically, Aadam is IT.

I’ll be honest, I left this project wishing I could have done more for Aadam, or spent more time with him. Unfortunately, my engagement through Volum8 was limited to light UX and visual design. I wish I’d been around long enough for a decent discovery phase, because Aadam’s also an amazing artist (of course he is). I’d have loved getting to know his work closer, then integrating it as it deserved in the app.

Still, though, I’m confident that what we did was amazing. I’m glad I got the chance to meet the man.

What was done

I designed the interfaces and user experience for the Physiqonomics app. This included sign-in flows and the full app experience. The app allowed users to track dietary intakes, log daily workouts and follow regimens, select workout routines and programs, search a recipe database… basically it was a fully realized fitness and weightlifting tool meant to keep you alive and healthy.