New Hope Community

"I can’t thank you enough for all of the work, enthusiasm, compassion, creativity, patience and commitment you have made to the launch of this site. It is more than I could have imagined."
Donna Fischer, New Hope Community's Marketing Manager

The Story

The fancy dandies from NYC usually don’t drive out to Sullivan County. Too far into the woods, I guess. Their loss. There’s some fine folks out there with enough heart to change lives. It’s the right place for New Hope Community.

New Hope Community’s stated mission is to enhance the lives of people with developmental disabilities. Early on in discovery I toured the facilities with the Volum8 team, saw the greenhouse and – good grief – a huge horse stable and riding center. There were happy people everywhere and it was easy to see why. New Hope is an amazing place where amazing people work to help other amazing people. When you see that in action, you want to help too.

Ahem, I think the New Hope Community project made me a better person. Probably something I should do every five years or so.

(Special hat tip to Volum8 for trusting me with this project.)

What was done

I designed the New Hope Community website, part of which entailed refining the existing brand (which was basically just a lot of loose parts). The site was a modest build, so I decided to challenge the devs at Volum8 (Dan, how ya doin’) with some crazy slanted boxes that they then had to figure out how to build with css transforms, etc.

My primary goal for the build was to express that beautiful, generous spirit I felt walking the facility grounds. Donations increased.