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"MonitorMe provides the best of concierge medicine, integrating state-of-the-art technology into the home, allowing patients to age comfortably in their own environment.”
Anthony J. Bacchi, M.D., founder of MonitorMe

The Story

MonitorMe was a blast. They were just getting started when I arrived on scene. They had a product and a name; they needed a brand (and, as it turned out, a whole lot more). What they didn’t need was a rockstar location–they were working out of a recently-bought country club in Poughkeepsie, NY. Who wouldn’t want to work with a tech company aiming to revolutionize at-home medical care with a view of the 18th hole outside their main conference room? I’d spend a day running around yelling “Fore!” I’d then be put in a locker.

MonitorMe’s primary product is an innovative wearable patch that sends live health data to a full nursing and medical staff who are constantly monitoring and ready to provide assistance. Not to reveal the product path, but ambitions are larger than this. They are positioning to lead the telehealth industry.

The project overall took nearly four months to complete – a full schedule – including many trips to the offices to present my work to Dr.Bacchi and his team. We came away with a logo and brand the team was able to proudly stand behind, as well as an ADA-compliant e-commerce site that provided them the foundational user clarity they needed to proceed. I was proud to continue my relationship well past launch, and help out with other needs as well.

(Props to the masterful Michael Smith for joining me on all the trips to the Club.)

What was done

I led discovery, including archetypal and comparative analysis, user persona studies, stakeholder and user interviews, and more.

I went solo on brand design. Following my findings in discovery, I designed a logo and mark fitting the brand persona, which we also animated. I defined messaging, created a slogan, and left the team with a full brand style guide to protect the young IP.

I designed a fully ADA/HIPPA-compliant website built on a fully realized expression of the new brand, a clean and fresh e-commerce experience. (The site was developed by the very cool crew at Volum8). I also guided their marketing department on copywriting.

When it served useful, I fulfilled a few oddball requests: I did a team photo shoot, and shot and edited a short three-minute promotional video.