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“Joe, thank you for being the torch holder for our project. Your work and passion has raised the spirit for our team. Seriously. You rock.”
Virginia McArthur, Executive Producer of Momoguro

The Story

Momoguro was one of the top 5 NFT projects during the 2022-24 crypto bear market. The NFT collection exceeded 10k eth volume on mint day, the founding team included Disney and Pixar producers, and some very talented people were tasked with building the project. I was contracted as lead designer and spent nearly a year in that role. My primary task was designing the web3 interactive experience, called Legends of Uno.

Legends of Uno was a web app that allowed NFT holders to connect their wallets and enter the Momoguro universe. They could play as their character, called a Holoself, and progress through an increasingly challenging story, told in animation and directed by user decisions. To succeed, players equipped their Holoselves with Momos (NFTs minted on ImmutableX), a live interaction shown in browser. If successful in the quests, they won Momogold, which they could use to purchase and open loot boxes in a shop.

Legends of Uno was nominated in 2023 for an Emmy award for Outstanding Interactive Media. I’m so proud of the nomination, as it speaks to the hard work of some very cool people who I came to respect.

What was done

In designing Legends of Uno, I created multiple user interfaces, component systems, and assets such as Momo cards, which displayed characters with various rarities and stats. I defined user flows, outlined animation steps, solved for multiple wallet interactions, and interpreted the Momoguro brand when executing color and typography styles.

In addition to Legends, I also designed the Momoguro NFT mint page, the brand’s main promotional website, a custom PFP site, and hundreds of assets used for social media content.

When time allowed, I hung out in Discord and helped calm the degens. This might have been the most difficult task.