Grey Canary

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"Be the ferocity that the team needs. If it fails, confide in the fact that you did everything you could to make it succeed. Nothing less than that. HUMBLE, HUNGRY, MOTIVATED.
Michael Smith, founder of Grey Canary

The Story

I’ve known Michael Smith, the founder of Grey Canary, for a long time. He was a colleague for many years and I’m damn lucky to call him a friend.

Michael impacts the Earth. People remember him. He makes people move and reach for higher aspirations. If you’re feeling lazy, he’s gonna kick you in the ass. Trust me. On the occasional blue day when I feel like staying in pajamas and eating ice cream out of gallon buckets, I avoid Mike, because I know he’s gonna give me some amazing, wise advice to solve my problem and I’ll have to stop feeling sorry for myself. He’s a leader. And he backs his shit up.

Grey Canary is an output of Mike’s brilliant aptitude in tech – a security, solutions, data architecture agency built on amazing ethos and culture. I was honored to help design the logo and site. A small gig, but I know whatever Mike holds will lead to something significant.

If you meet Mike, stay close to him; you’ll go places.

What was done

I designed the Grey Canary logo and basic brand styles, as well as a simple one-page site.