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"We cannot thank you enough for your hard work on this project. We are thrilled with the way the brand came out. Thank you again for everything, we are so excited to share the new brand!"
Claire Flynn, G5 Agency

The Story

The folks at G5 Agency are my kind of people – easy to chat with, sincere, small business in a small town vibes. In the years since meeting them, I actually considered moving my family to Narrowsburg, New York, because I wanted to be closer to their charm (geez, creeper much?).

After a meeting or two, it was quickly evident the G5 crew cared enormously about each other and the people they insured. When the people behind a brand are as genuine as G5, the discovery phase goes quickly, because the input you have to work with is so pure.

I like to put slogan design at the front of a branding project, even if never used. The thought challenge required by putting a brand into a succinct line of text helps me define the brand in a different way. It helps me to hear the brand, before I put a face (logo) to it.

A few years ago I started watching that trashy Netflix show Love is Blind (I blame my wife, but really it was all me). Building a brand is kinda like that show. Doing the slogan first is like talking through a wall before seeing the person.

With G5, I would fall in love, propose, meet their parents, say yes at the altar, and do all I could to grow old together.

(Thank you, Volum8, for bringing me to the G5 table.)

What was done

I went through a standard, full branding package with G5 – discovery, slogan, vision statements, style guide, and logo. It was an immense amount of fun bringing the G5 personality to life. The bright, friendly color palette and slogan “People people” were big milestones. Making collateral assets, like shirts and buttons, was immensely satisfying.

The website, though small, is one of my favorites. I brought the slogan into the home page and played with the first word to introduce other services. Smiling faces, introducing the team – I wanted the whole site to feel top shelf without losing that close, intimate connection that G5 is known for.