Butchers Twine

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"The Butchers Twine logo is meant to do a lot, simply. It speaks to the tradition of cattle ranching, the West, the hard work and open spaces. Yet it is twine, strands of string which, when woven together, make a stronger material. So we hope similarly that joy is also multiplied and relationships are made stronger through the products of Butchers Twine."
Taken from Branding Guide

The Story

Sometimes there are projects that remind me of Home. Not my home now, the dinky rental house where the cupboards stick and Milo (our dog) suspects the squirrels want him evicted. No. Home. Where I grew up with my brothers way back when. The Great Plains. Kansas City. Cattle Town, USA. Where beef is what’s always for dinner. Where smoked meats drown in tangy BBQ sauce. Where my mom felt steak and potatoes was as vital as breakfast. This project was one of those that made me remember Home. 

Butchers Twine was made to deliver fresh steaks and meats sourced from a single farm located in the Hudson Valley. Great steak from a happy farm.

One warm and hazy summer afternoon, Volum8 founder Charlie Graham and I visited the farm and were served a steak lunch. A table of green beans, mashed potatoes, freshly sliced ribeye and good company. The food was amazing. The talk was friendly and good. It felt like the Midwest that day. Before we left, we were given a few sample packages to take back home… Home.

Ultimately that is what Butchers Twine came to mean (and what I tried to instill in the brand) – the chance to bring the memory of your Home back home.

(Special Stetson hat tip to Zeke, the founder of Butchers Twine, an immensely generous and visionary gentleman.)

What was done

We began with identity (naming the company), branding and discovery. The name was chosen for a multitude of reasons, meant to call to mind the corner butcher shop. In branding, I spent countless hours learning to tie butchers’ knots, which I eventually used to inspire the logo.

When we got to the e-commerce site build, things really began to salivate. With the help of Volum8, we designed a system that allowed Butchers Twine to upload real photos of the actual cuts of steak for sale.

I also designed the shipping boxes and packaging and other customer-facing materials.