Angry Orchard

"I want to live in a cabin in the woods."
Mike, a colleague, while visiting Angry Orchards

The Story

When visiting the home of Angry Orchard, located in Walden, New York, I’m always inspired to think differently about my personal feature set. Like maybe I need to wear more flannel, grow a long beard like my friend Dan, or begin to scrub myself with those huge bars of soap that smell like lumberjack sweat. I was lacking all those things on a chilly winter day last month, when I joined the Volum8 team for a visit, and felt greatly under-equipped.

If you don’t know, Angry Orchard is one of the best hard cider brands in the country. Their home facility is top shelf stuff too; lots of exposed beams, live-edged wood, the smell of ripe fermented fruit. They got their shit together and, I assume, have no shortage of amazing designers just hanging from the apple trees outside their front door. They are one of those brands you want to cozy up with and tell everyone you know that you’re now the best of friends.

So I was definitely pumped when the Angry Orchard folk asked myself and Volum8 team to help create a few on-site, social engagement booths. Sure, the gig wasn’t huge, but so what? I’ve since made some significant changes in my life. I now get the L.L. Bean catalog, smell like Paul Bunyan, and children think I’m Gandalf.

What was done

Let’s be honest, this wasn’t a huge engagement. Basically all I did was make a few screens for interactive, touch displays that were meant to be installed in the Angry Orchard HQ. Some designers might throw an Angry Orchard logo on their folio site and tout this huge relationship without further explanation. I won’t do that (well, probably not). But I will say that I immensely enjoy their vibes, miss their musk and, if they have any more work for me, yes please. And send beard oil.