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"The people of Alula have the power to change the world by helping just one individual make a single day better than it was before. This takes no crown or special tale; it only takes warm consideration and a compassionate attitude."
Identified as North Star during branding discovery

The Story

Nan Jenkins is a force. If you know her story, you understand why. TL;DR? Her 20s were challenging (to say the least) and she overcame it all and created a hugely popular dieting program called Breakthrough M2. She was someone who didn’t accept mediocrity and didn’t accept excuses. Yet, her experiences gave her great empathy for those who struggled the same challenges as her. Alula was born from all this.

Alula Wellness was a new brand and company created to house the entirety of Nan’s vision. Hours of interviews with existing Breakthrough members, Nan’s team and Nan herself were vital to identifying the core principles of the brand. Logo and web design were a delightful experience – there’s no better feeling that seeing a fresh brand start to appear on real-world products.

The ultimate goal was simply to further empower the already unstoppable force of Nan. Watch out world.

(Thanks, Jenny Poley, for helping meet a demanding deliverables list, while also sharing some good laughs during naming.)

What was done

I was brought in on the Alula project before it had a name. I led the identity phase, creating a new name and brand called Alula Wellness, which contained a family of products, notably the Breakthrough M2 program and associated line of dietary supplements. I designed both the Alula and Breakthrough sites, including all information architecture, content direction, and founder interfacing. I also designed product labels and packaging, signage, as well as program materials and documentation. All was completed under contract with Volum8.