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"This logo carries the promises of the business: efficiency, exceptional service and drive. It's a vehicle for the company ethos, worn proudly by those at the wheel, confidently navigating the road ahead. This logo is meant to move."
Taken from the Brand Guide

The Story

I’m a big fan of Nick Fitzpatrick, founder of Aden Logistics (and Aden Brook Hay and Aden Aggregates and…). He’s one of the most gracious entrepreneurs I’ve ever met. I’m not just talking about his personality here; I’m talking about how he actually goes about founding and running his companies.

Nick is gracious in the way that once he knows a product is in a solid place, he trusts his people to take over. I’ve known other founders who won’t ever let go, either for fear or ego or both, and every product tanks once boredom sits in. Nick builds safe homes for his products, knows his own limitations, then hands the keys to the experts he trusts before moving onto his next business idea. He’s an exceptional entrepreneur because of it.

Aden Logistics was the second product under Nick’s Aden family tree that I branded and designed websites for, which tells me that Nick trusts me to hold his keys. I was given freedom to fully express my craft with minimal oversight.

Congratulations to Aden Logistics for getting on the 2023 Inc. 5000 list.

Gotta give a huge shoutout to Chantel Reynaud for helping manage the website build. Chantel’s the best.

What was done

For Aden Logistics, I solo’d the entire branding and website design. Both projects included their own discovery phases, including comparative analysis and user study.

The logo brings to mind the tread of tire on pavement, but also the a corners of a shipping box. I pointed it up and to the right, signaling the ambitious trajectory of the logo in a crowded industry.

The website is meant to attack that industry directly, stepping outside the box, and placing the business in a place different than the cookie-cutter logistics site. The latest evolution of the site was customer-centric, using a quote tool to walk customers through a guided sales experience. It was built knowing we might expand its functionality in the near future.